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2 movies you have to watch before February ends

Since we at Inside Malta want to contribute to the cultural atmosphere of our beautiful country, we comprised our top 2 movies you should watch before February ends. If you’ve watched them before or have any ideas for additions to next month’s list, please email us, and you might get a shout-out in March!

Number 1- Inglorious Basterds

Accordingly, the number 1 movie on the list is also the best movie ever made.
Inglorious Basterds centers around the screening of a Nazi propaganda film in the theater of Shoshana, a young Jewish woman living in France who survived the massacre of her family years before. However, the screening also enjoys the pleasant visit of a bushwacking guerrilla army of American Jewish soldiers called the “Basterds.”

In this Uncanny Tarantino picture, you will find the perfect balance between expressions of art and homages to cinema in its entirety while also being able to enjoy the subtle ethos of such damaged and cruel characters like those of Nazi officers. Though the film is, by definition, a fiction flick, it uses the zeitgeist and does not necessarily draw a binary, dull image of a fight between good and evil; on the contrary- it focuses on displaying the immoral decisions that even the characters who are defined as the heroes must take in order to achieve their objective, which is usually based on making other people suffer due to their own point of view.

If you haven’t checked this movie out yet, now might be a good time as any.

Number 2- Whiplash
We are constantly faced with the age-old question, “What would someone do to exploit his full potential?” I’m sure this is really relevant for some of our readers who struggle to succeed in their job like they want or fear they don’t have the strength to sacrifice some aspects of their lives to achieve what they define as greatness.

Luckily for us, for every question you may have- you can always find an answer, or at least a perspective on it, in the theater. Whiplash shows us the life of Andrew, an aspiring drummer who believes his life revolves around the pursuit of being the greatest in his field. In the “Berkeley” style school he attends, he meets Fletcher, the person who will teach him that the pursuit of greatness will take more than your willingness to sacrifice your personal or social life; it will take everything from you.

Whiplash masterfully manages to present us with this moral dilemma in a way that doesn’t insult the intelligence of the viewers while accomplishing the very hard task of making us like very unlikable people.
If you have any aspiration in life, no matter the field, I would suggest you give this movie a look.


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