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A Betrayal of Trust: How Corruption and Poor Management are Ruining Malta

Construction crane in Malta with Robert Abela on the background

Malta’s construction boom has morphed from a symbol of progress into a relentless blight. This article exposes the underbelly of this crisis, revealing how corruption and poor management are eroding our environment, quality of life, and even our heritage.


A System in Disarray

Prime Minister Abela recently pledged to intervene in construction projects only if the “common good” wasn’t served. This statement contradicts his past assurances of a well-functioning planning system. The reality? The Planning Authority and Environmental Resources Authority operate in silos, rubber-stamping projects with devastating consequences. Take the Mosta Square project, which was criticized for wasteful spending and lack of long-term vision. It exemplifies a system prioritizing profit over people’s needs.


The Charade of “Common Good”

The Prime Minister’s definition of “common good” seems to prioritize developer interests. Consider the excessive construction projects approved under his leadership, projects that come at the expense of communities and disregard limitations like ODZs (Outside Development Zones). Independent candidate Edwin Vassallo highlights the reckless spending on projects like Mosta Square, funded by the EU but mismanaged, with “everyone taking their ten cents via commissions.” This culture of greed undermines any claim to serving the “common good.” The actual cost of this unchecked development is borne by the Maltese people, who are losing their sense of community and connection to their heritage.


Detached from Reality: A Public Betrayed

Surveys and public backlash against projects like the Marsascala marina paint a clear picture: the public is overwhelmingly dissatisfied. Vassallo isn’t alone in questioning the Prime Minister’s motives. Is there a lack of vision, a manipulative attempt to “sweet-talk” the electorate, or simply arrogance leading to an endless cycle of development? The public outcry is a clear sign that the government is detached from reality. This disconnect between those in power and the people they represent is a recipe for disaster, jeopardizing Malta’s social and economic stability.


Consequences Beyond Aesthetics

The actual cost of unchecked development goes far beyond aesthetics. Consider the Manoel Island project. Initially planned for mixed-use development, it now exceeds approved limits and threatens Valletta’s UNESCO World Heritage status. Environmental groups like Moviment Graffitti and Flimkien Għall-Ambjent Aħjar warn of the project’s impact on heritage and the island’s natural beauty. Unchecked development sacrifices the very things that draw tourists to Malta and threatens the long-term sustainability of the island’s ecosystem.


A Call to Action: Our Future at Stake

The relentless pursuit of profit through construction is a betrayal of our environment and our heritage. Manoel Island could be our Central Park, a green sanctuary for residents, yet it’s slated for concrete blocks. The disregard for open spaces and historic landmarks echoes the sentiment expressed in countless articles like “The relentless pursuit to demolish old buildings needs to stop.” This is not just about aesthetics; it’s about our collective well-being. We, the people of Malta, must unite against the Planning Authority’s questionable decisions and demand change from the government before the concrete jungle devours Malta completely.

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