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Now that seemingly every person on planet earth has received his “Spotify wrapped” for this year, it is time for everyone to freshen up their music choices for the coming month, using Inside Malta’s crew’s favourite tunes.

Black pumas– Black pumas
Musicians Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada have cooperated on of the most ambitious and talent-filled projects of the last years. Their music brings up a scent of both old soul and contemporary R&B. It is so refreshing to hear a voice which doesn’t pander to the audience, yet still makes sure everyone will find a little something in it. If you want to hear something refreshing in your music library, make sure to give it a listen.
Best songs
– Fire
– Colors
– confines

Hip Hop:
Tyler, the creator– Call me if you get lost

Tyler the creator has been the most innovative name in the world of Hip Hop in the last decade. Current Hip Hop music is enriched with many rappers who tend to speak about their cars and money and always connect it to success and their ego. Tyler, however, manages to speak on the same exact topics but does it naked of vanity or ego. His lyrics are always honest, romantic, and often times even funny. If you are looking for a fresh break from drake and Kendrick, Tyler is your guy.
Best songs:
– Corso
– Lemonhead
– Lumberjack

Nancy & Lee– Nancy & Lee
We know Nancy & Lee are Dou that needs no further introduction. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, in Their self-titled project, have given us some undeniable classics that will probably exist way after all of us. Both of these giants have cooperated to give us a lovely, romantic entrance into the lives of two mysterious characters who are now part of history books.
Best songs:
– Summer wine
– Lady Bird
– Sand

Dua lipa– Future Nostalgia
In her most ambitious body of work, Dua Lipa managed to do something no pop star has ever done in the past few years- respect her audience enough. It seems like every possible pop artist in the United States is now looking at their career as a money maker and not as a true art form. Dua Lipa manages to bring honesty, vulnerability and most importantly the best combination of pop’ electronics and even live soft rock that I have seen lately.

Best songs:
– Future Nostalgia
– Pretty please
– Good in bed

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