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Will supporting sports programs skyrocket our economy?

In this Blog, we have pointed out that one of the things that could save the economy in Malta are long-term, pre-proven financial plans that will be set around different areas that could generate sufficient money flow.
The Financial situation in Malta today requires a tremendous amount of attention and revision by its authorities. It seems as if the government is too preoccupied with getting its affairs in order before facing numerous bodies that have reviewed its actions in the past two years.
One of these efforts should be pointed, surprisingly enough, into sports. In times of inflation, when international investors are reluctant to invest in this age of uncertainty, Malta will be forced to develop as many investment sources as possible. Otherwise, chances are Malta will be left behind in this international race.
When examining the sports market today, many professional teams today are sponsored by the most prominent companies and organizations in the world market. From Emirati airlines to athletic clothing powerhouses, it is apparent that one thing that remains existent In the world of sports is that there will always be big eyes that are looking to invest.
Should Malta join in on this party? As of today, the state of Maltese sports is not warranted. The Malta Football Association, representing the country’s most accomplished and popular sport- soccer, needs to work with the government and build a sustainable plan to enlarge local and international interests.
Secondly, having solid sports programs, which could lead to strong homegrown talents, which could also lead to outside skills being interested in playing in Malta, could help the Maltese economy tremendously.
One of the few culture-based universal enjoyments that covid has yet to wipe out is the love of sports. Having better players and sports teams could combine in a beautiful synergy with Malta’s most important branch of income, which has taken a Major hit since covid- tourism.
Sports tourism in today’s world is very much still a thing, and investing in proper sports fields and programs could only up the antics of Malta’s tourist attractions. The bread and butter of the Maltese economy have always been tourism. Nowadays, it seems as if Malta has lost some of its attractions for international tourists. With constant infrastructure works and traffic complaints, not to mention the Maltese people’s lack of sympathy for tourists, it looks as if Malta has lost connection to what was the driving force of its economy.
Even more generally, investing in more sports programs in Malta increases the likelihood of Maltese representation in international events. Having children in Malta raised in high-quality, competitive sports environments will have a tremendous impact on the general happiness of the population and will give a better scope of different life challenges for some of the youth in Malta, which could never be underestimated.

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