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How A Facebook Page Is Turning Into Malta’s Leading Outlet For Free Speech

We all have our secrets, whether they are very severe and personal or just the regular “I pee in the sink” secret that you don’t want your colleagues to be aware of- everyone has something they want to get off their chests and are too afraid to do so with their names.
The rising star in Malta’s confessions field seems to have shown up out of nowhere.
“Malta Confessions,” a Facebook page dedicated to the normative Maltese citizen wanting to share a story from his life, has shown exciting revelations about the Maltese citizen. But more than that- it also has a more serious role to fill, without ever intending to do so.
Confession groups are a kind of micro cosmos of the internet itself. People have allowed themselves to say whatever they want through the guarding knight, which is anonymity. However, complete anonymity is never a guarantee in a society where people you know can meet you the day after you call someone “ugly” on a Facebook post or that you have particular political views that might not be that popular amongst your peers. And in the real world- there are consequences.
So, the internet came up with a solution that guarantees you complete anonymity without ever suffering the consequences of societal pressure as a backlash.
That, believe it or not, creates a perfect solution for a society that feels the freedom of speech is only reserved for those with the right opinions.
In Malta’s current political climate, where corruption feels like it’s part of the DNA by now, it is not common for people to express their complex political views since it can cause trouble in their personal lives.
This isn’t to say that pages like Malta confessions are the answer to an un-functioning society where people feel like they can’t speak their minds, but it is at least a start.

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