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How the constant noise in Malta can be an opportunity for change

The never-ending construction in Malta has proven to be its breaking point.
It’s very amusing to imagine that a country that faces so many financial and political issues is finding the last straw to be noise.
As this blog claims, construction noise is a wonderful thing for Malta’s economy in the long run. Of course- the citizens don’t see it now. Since so much noise has a terrible effect on the happiness of citizens even in the short run, According to the law in Malta, Construction activity can be carried out between 7 am and 8 pm!

It seems like every country that invests in building better and more reliable infrastructure at least puts some effort into transparency to its citizens about what is going to come upon them in the following months or even years.

The Maltese government has chosen a different route instead, one that keeps its residents constantly unhappy and frustrated. That strategy can eventually not pay off in the ballots.
Researchers around the world have found that the ordinary citizen is more likely to be okay with “big picture” problems in his country as long as its “back yard” is not affected.
Meaning- if a country maintains the allusion that everyday life in the country is not affected by its more than unwise policy changes, they have nothing to worry about.

However, the Maltese public is inclined sometimes to be a dog that barks and doesn’t bite, which a bite is precisely what the country’s authorities need at the moment. The way in which we vote and call out to the officials who want to get elected is entirely up to us.

The situation on the roads of Malta needs to be dealt with every day that passes; however- the authorities are aware they can get away with the neglecting of so many Maltese lives as long as it doesn’t grow to be more than they want it.

The public is rightfully angry with how little effort the government is putting in assisting the residents with noise from nightclubs and other ramifications of the wave of tourists that come every once in a while (though not too often, in our opinion).
This is a chance for the public in Malta to protest, “make noise about the noise,” if you are looking for a slogan that can make some… noise.

On a more serious note. The political instability in our country is not a good thing in most cases, though sometimes it leaves some power for the citizens to claim for change.
If this is an issue that bothers so many Maltese, then the cry-outs against it need to be amplified.

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