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Would the Maltese put their hands on the fire for Malta as the Argentinians did for Argentina?

The world cup brought happiness and hope to the Argentinians, and to be honest, It is well deserved.  

During the past decade, the winning country of the world cup has faced various economic crashes, and it’s important to mention that recent years have been remarkably bitter. Inflation, currency crises, poverty, corruption, and many more issues have been running around the country, and If you are a Maltese, this might sound familiar to you.


Winning the World cup eradicated the general feeling of frustration, sadness, stress, and failure occupying everyone’s heart in the country. And even though the country’s situation was not the best, the whole country followed second by second the matches and the players, sending all the support from every corner of the country and putting their hands on the fire for them.


By that, I mean that a significant percentage of Argentinians have two or three jobs and work 16-hour days so they can pay their bills. However, an incredible amount of 60,000 of the country’s soccer fans somehow made their way 8,200 miles to Qatar, not knowing what the final score would be. 


So, my question is, knowing the situation in Malta right now, which is similar to the one Argentina is experiencing, where corruption, inflation, and bad decisions are the basis of the country, will Maltese people fly to the opposite side of the globe to support Malta, knowing that this wouldn’t bring any physical or materialistic benefits to their life?


‘In Argentina, people are selling their houses to watch the World Cup final’ if you ask me if I would do it, I’m pretty sure I won’t, but would you?


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